Flexibly Masonry

[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]The masonry gallery Template is a flexible width template with a smooth adjustment animation.

Try it and change the width of your browser, the images will flow in place with a sleek transition.

Lazy Loading

[dropcap3]2[/dropcap3]The Masonry Image preloader only loads images until there is no more screen space. If you scroll down new images will be loaded.

And if no more Images are available the loader will tell you so 😉

Infinite Scrolling

[dropcap3]3[/dropcap3]When scrolling down new sets of Images are loaded and appended to the page.

That way you can share galleries with hundreds of pictures with a smooth user experience.

Still Search engine Optimized

[dropcap3]4[/dropcap3]Even though images are loaded with javascript there is a pagination backup solution for non javascript users and search engines.

That way the content can always be accessed and indexed by the google crawler